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Karina has been involved in the IB (International Baccalaureate) for more than ten years as IB Teacher, DP Coordinator, and Examiner. She was working at IB Schools in Germany, USA, Slovakia, and Spain. She earned a masters degree in law and linguistics and a doctorate in linguistics and education, all achieved in Germany, and has been an educator for 20...

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Karina ist seit mehr als zehn Jahren als IB-Lehrer, DP-Koordinator und IB Examiner (International Baccalaureate) tätig. Sie hat an IB-Schulen in Deutschland, den USA, der Slowakei und Spanien gearbeitet. Sie hat einen Master in Jura und Linguistik sowie einen Doktortitel in Linguistik und Pädagogik in Deutschland erworben und ist seit 20 Jahren Pädagogin...

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March 6, 2021

4 Steps of aneffective Brainstormingto accelerate the Decision Making Process

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"Relativpronomen im Genitiv Liebe Dr. Karina, Ich habe heute die Relativpronomen mit Ihnen gelernt, was ich sehr interessant gefunden habe. Natürlich muss ich es mehr üben, um fliessend zu sein. Heute war auch unsere erste Stunde zusammen und es freut mich sehr, Ihnen kennengelernt zu haben. Ich wünsche Ihnen ein schöner Tag und hoffentlich bis bald!"


February 17, 2021 09:00

"Karina Rodegra has been providing language and intercultural training to our associates since 2006. This training is important for us, as we are suppliers for a German automotive manufacturer. We need to be able to discuss products, production, and sales with our customers and parent company in Germany. We are also sending employees to Germany to work and to understand our customer requirements and the intercultural skills needed for successful relationships."

Tim Fitzmorris
Controller - The Edscho Group

"The best feedback to offer on the language pros is that I would pay to take classes with Dr. Karina Rodegra again. I feel more comfortable and confident speaking in the German community. My class was time well worth spent."

Christine Holbouer
Spouse of BMW Associate, Greenville, SC

"The Immersion class I attended was excellent for several reasons. First of all, due to my busy schedule, it is very difficult for me to block out an hour each day to study German. Taking the Immersion class forced me to block out time to do this. Secondly, the instruction was not only about learning the language, but also about cultural differences and appropriate behaviors that I should understand when visiting Germany (proper greetings, table manners, etc...). Last of all, the agenda was prepared so that the instruction never became boring. I definitely recommend hiring Karina Rodegra for those persons whose desire is to learn German quickly or visit Germany often."

Joel G. Snead
Director of Finance, America’s Region - Grammer Industries, Inc

"Ms. Rodegra is extremely professional in her affect, and incorporates the perfect balance of business and being personable. I was absolutely amazed at the extremely high level at which the students could perform advanced linguistic tasks. The students were motivated and excited to be there. I was impressed by the handouts that gave explicit explanations of grammatical structures. This enables the students to use class time to practice structures, and make them accountable for their own learning."

Steven Della Lana
Department of Classics, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian - University of Charleston

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